The Blends

The Blends

This rich, full-bodied blend has six different origins of beans from around the world, giving its own distinctive flavours and aroma.
Nothing like a bit of Hanky Panky after dinner every night!

Enjoy our award-winning delicious, medium to strong, well-balanced smooth and full-bodied blend with a rich, flavoursome beat.
Enjoy a Spank Special any time of the day.

Kinky X is a fair trade organic blend that will knock your socks off! Swallow it whole; with the energy boost you’ll be doing it like monkeys all night. Do it hard, from behind, on top, give it all you have got, it will not be forgot!
100% Organic.

This organic blend consists of beans from India and Papua New Guinea. A dark, strong  full bodied  roast, OR-GEE can be enjoyed any time of the day. its strong flavour has a kick that will make you gush!

This blend is a heavy-bodied, darker roast for those hard-arse nutters, so if you are a wimp, pussy, or a sook, bugger off and have a cup of tea.

Screaming for an Orgazmik Experience, not quite!
This is a mild blend, smooth aroma and moist caffeine that will penetrate your mouth, body and mind, tantalizing the back of your throat.
It’s your turn to be the coffee bitch at the office. Oh my gosh, imagine asking the boss and staff if they want their smooth Penetration, black or white, and just straight up or with sugar!

Craving a coffee without the caffeine? Decaf is a Fair Trade organic single origin from Mexico, medium bodied, using the Swiss water method.

A fantasy magical blend with rich hits of cookies and hints of smooth, yummy cream. You won’t be slipping on this cookie monster, you’ll be swallowing this one whole, so lick that dribble around those lips and wipe your chin and shag me silly, baby!

A magical, classical hazelnut. Indulge in our smooth, perfectly balanced, full-bodied Arabica coffee beans with a hint of hazelnut!

A fantastic blend for the chocolate lover in everybody, and yes it is guilt free, you don’t pack on the pounds with this stuff. Mocha Mudslide might sound rich and fatty but it’s not! This complex, medium/light-bodied roast is blended with the utmost care and at the very last stage of roasting is given a blast of chocolate, to give a hint of that smooth, mocha flavour. Suck me sideways!

Rum and toffee flavoured, smooth, perfectly balanced by full-bodied Arabica coffee beans. Mellow and seductive.

A magical classic Irish crème-flavoured blend. Indulge in our most popular blend of spices and crèmes, smooth, perfectly balanced by full-bodied Arabica coffee beans. Mellow and seductive. This pack can cause you to do stupid things faster with more energy!