Limited Edition – Eat a Dick cake


The perfect secret santa gift!
This is our seasonal LIMITED EDITION version- for someone you either Love or Hate and can be delivered by courier anywhere around NZ.    You can personalise with your own message by selecting ‘NO MESSAGE’ and noting in box (at checkout) your personal message or private joke.

– The penis is made from lolly cake sitting on a layer of chocolate cake and everything is edible. (except the cardboard supplied in)

– Perfect for the boss that you love so much or that annoying colleague, or that person who’s just a little bit naughty.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: These are sent anonymously unless specified.

***Last day for courier (sent out) this year is Tuesday 19th December 2023.***

DISCLAIMER: Due to this item being perishable, we take no further responsibility on delays or damage once it leaves our premises. The courier system will not reimburse us nor can we claim any compensation. These will be sent at your own risk.

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