Coffee for a Cunt


Do you know a special someone who runs on caffeine, sarcasm & inappropriate thoughts & the word Cunt – or maybe it’s just you….

Well step right up –  Grab yourself or your favourite Cunt the perfect cuntilicious gift.

-A gift box of 140gms of  ORGAZMIK roasted coffee beans, plunger, or espresso/stovetop grind.

Or maybe you just know a Coffee Cunt
Somebody who is proud of his/her (usually her) ‘addiction’ to coffee; somebody who never shuts up about how much he/she needs coffee to function, as if it’s a quirky personality trait, or a hobby, or just something to make Karen seem like an interesting human being.
Usually a fan of Starbucks or some other shitty chain café; usually takes a particular type of coffee (Latte, Mocha, (worst of all) Frappucino) and tells everybody that it’s “all I ever drink.”
“I’ve got to have a cup of Coffee, I can’t start the day without one!  I can’t do anything until I’ve had my macchiato!   I can’t help it, it’s just who I am!”
“Shut the fuck up, you Coffee Cunt”