Bialetti Mukka Express


Get ready to revolutionize your cappuccino experience!

Combine a novel idea with exclusive design and add simple use to get a perfect cappuccino. Presenting the Mukka Express, create smooth velvety cappuccinos in your own home.

This ingenious novelty allows you to prepare two creamy mugs of perfect cappuccino just like the one at the Italian Espresso bar. Mukka Express is easy to use and very simple to clean and allows you to prepare 2 cups of cappuccino or milk coffee.

Our Mukka Express features the following capacity:

2 Cappuccino Cups = 440ml (max. OUTPUT capacity)

(Please note that the max. output refers to the cappuccino output including espresso, milk & froth)

All it takes is approx.. 160mls of water added to the base, 18 grams of espresso ground coffee in the basket, and approx.. 200mls of your preferred milk in the upper chamber. At the top of the milk chamber, a large round button can be pressed downward to make a cappuccino or lifted up slightly to make a latte. Place the Mukka Express on a stovetop and the magic happens. Espresso will mix together with milk foam to create a classic, delicious beverage.  (see video above.)

Hand Wash Only

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