Catering: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you deliver catering and is there a cost?
A. Yes we can deliver, cost is dependant on your location, orders for one platter requires pick up!

Q. Do you do GF options, and if so is there any extra cost?
A. With most platters we can do GF options, and some platters we can do full GF. The extra cost is dependant on the order, please ask at the time of the order.

Q. Do you have Vegetarian options?
A. Yes, our vege options are Club Sandwiches, Wraps, Sushi, Savoury platters, Sweet Treats, Morning tea platters, workshout platters, Quiche Bites, French Stick bites, Cracker and dip platters, we can cater for whole platters that are vege or part platters at no extra cost.

Q. What is the best way to place an order?
A. The best way is via email, amd we can email you an order sheet.

Q. Can I order half platters?
A. No, just order per whole platter.

Q. Do you deliver on weekends and after hours?
A. Yes, but there is an extra charge of $50.00.

Q. How much do I order?
A. That’s a question we get asked a lot!

Two ways to work this out is as follows –

Items per person

Morn or Afternoon Tea or Celebration Nibbles – 2 – 2 ó items per person

Lunch – 3 items person


Average Cost Person

Morn or Afternoon Tea or Celebration Nibbles – $5 – $7.50 person

Lunch – $7.50 – $14.50 per person

These are close or near of costs and can be plus GST

Q. Do you have dairy free options?
A. Yes, they are Club sandwiches, Cracker and dip platters, Wraps, Sushi Platters, French Stick Platters.