Cakes: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you deliver cakes?
A. Only by special request, and there is a delivery cost depending on your location.

Q. Do you make specialty cakes and cartoon cakes?
A. No sorry, just what is on the website!

Q. Do you offer GF cakes?
A. Not on a regular basic, but we can do special requests of a chocolate mud cake that is GF.

Q. Are any cakes dairy free?
A. Yes, Our Chocolate Gateaux is Dairy free, but does have dark chocolate pieces placed around the Gateaux, and may contain traces of dairy as the Gateaux is manufactured in a premises where products that contain dairy are made!

Q. Do any of your cakes contain eggs?
A. All of our cakes contain eggs, but on a special request, we are pretty sure we could produce an egg- free cake !

Q. How  many days should the cakes last?
A. All cakes in the right conditions ( kept in a fridge, below 4 degree ) should last 7- 9 days.

Q. How many slices or pieces  should each cake cut into?
A. We get asked this a lot, and it depends how big of slices you cut the cake into, but this is how we
calculate each cake –

Small Cake – 4-6 pieces

Medium Cake – 8-10 pieces

Half  Slab Cake – 20-25 pieces

Full Slab Cake – 40-50 pieces

Extra Large Slab Cake – 60-70 pieces