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The Naked Baker offers a Catering Service that will impress your guests or work colleagues! Here is a list of what we offer, or call us and we will put together anything you require.

Club Sandwiches

Small Club Sandwich platter - 16 pieces $26.50
Large Club Sandwich platter - 32 pieces $36.50

The Naked Baker

Fruit Platters

Small Fruit Platter $29.00
Large Fruit platter $37.00

(Fruit platter prices are approximate and subject to current fruit prices)

The Naked Baker


Assorted mixture of flavours available:
Curry Chicken and Mushroom
Savoury Ham and Onion
Spinach Chicken and Garlic

$15.50 per dozen

The Naked Baker

Cracker & Dip Platters

Carrot & Celery Sticks, Pickled Onions, Gherkins, Tomato, Ham, Salami & 2 types of Crackers
Includes: Cream Cheese & Chili Dip

Small $35.50
Large $47.50

The Naked Baker

Sweet Treats Platters

A selection on our famous sweet treats cut into finger / bite sizes.

Small - 22 piece $39.00
Large - 32 piece $56.00


Savoury Platters

Mixed Savouries including: Mince, Cottage, Chicken, Sausage Rolls, Chilli Roll Bites & Dipping Sauces.

Small - 24 piece $25.50
Large - 36 piece $35.50

Can be delivered heated or cold for you to heat).

The Naked Baker

Morning / Afternoon Tea Platters.

Assorted Muffins and Scones cut into bite sizes.
Inclues butter sachets

Small Platter - 24 piece $29.80
Large Platter - 36 piece $39.80


Chili Tenders and Chicken Chippies

Includes dipping sauces

Small $31.80
Large $43.80

The Naked Baker

French Stick Bites (Christine's)

Small - Approx 20 + pieces $29.40
Large - Approx 35+ pieces $41.40

The Naked Baker

Wraps (Healthy Choice)

Vegetarian - Lettuce, carrot, tomato, red onion, capsicum and chutney.
Smokey Ham - Lettuce, mayo, carrot, cheese, tomato, Smokey ham.
Chicken - Lettuce, mayo, carrot, cheese, tomato, baked breast chicken.

Small - 14 pieces $30.00
Large - 20 pieces $42.00


Quiche Bites

Flavours available:
Ham and Pineapple

Small Quiche Bite platter - 24 pieces $34.20
Large Quiche Bite platter - 32 pieces $46.20

The Naked Baker

Sandwiches (Healthy Choice)


Small platter - $31.00
Large platter - $42.00


Work Shout Platter (Small)

Club Sandwiches, Slices and Fresh Fruit.

For Approx 5 People - $37.40


Work Shout Platter (Large)

Club Sandwiches, Savoury and Sweet Twist Pieces, Scones and Muffins.

For Approx 8 People - $46.20

Work Shout Platter (Extra Large)

Club Sandwiches, Quiche Bites, Custard Twist Pieces, Fresh Fruit, Cracker and Dip Assortment.

For Approx 12 People - $64.80

Kids Pack

1 Medium Biscuit
1 Filled Roll
1 Flavoured Milk

$7.20 pp 1-10
$6.70 pp 11-20
$6.20 pp 21+


Average Joe Pack

1 Can of Drink
1 Sandwich Pack
1 Medium Biscuit
1 Piece of Fruit

$9.00 pp 1-10
$8.50 pp 11-20
$8.00 pp 21+

Sports Pack

1 Sports Drink
1 Filled Roll
1 Piece of Fruit
1 Sweet Treat
$11.80 pp 1-10
$11.20 pp 11-20
$10.80 pp 21+


Made to order.
Only available after 11am

Made to Order $47.00


French Breakfast / Morning Tea Platter

This spread contains regular croissants, ham & cheese croissants, custard & fruit danish and chocolate croissants. Feeds 10 people.

Supplied with: Jam, Cream, Butter & Napkins. $55.00


Frenchman's Lunch Platter

Contains a mixture of plain croissants, ham & cheese croissants, fresh salad mixture, cheeses and a selection of cold meats.
A mixture of fresh cut fillings, sauces, mayo & relish to fill the croissants with.
Note: You may need a sharp knife on hand to cut the croissants.
Feeds 10 people.

Comes with plastic cutlery & napkins. $68.00


Delivery Service Available! Mon-Fri 7am-5pm. Within 5km $7.50, 10km $15, 20km $30. Out of hours delivery add $50 (Availability tbc) .
Note: 2-3 Business day are required for most catering orders


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