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The Naked Baker offers a Catering Service that will impress your guests or work colleagues! Here is a list of what we offer, or call us and we will put together anything you require. We can offer Gluten Free (extra charge may incur) or vegetarian upon request.

Club Sandwiches (GF)

Small Club Sandwich platter - 16 pieces $28.20
Large Club Sandwich platter - 32 pieces $39.70

The Naked Baker

Fruit Platters (GF)

Small Fruit Platter $29.00
Large Fruit platter $37.00

(Fruit platter prices are approximate and subject to current fruit prices)

The Naked Baker


Assorted mixture of flavours available:
Curry Chicken and Mushroom
Savoury Ham and Onion
Spinach Chicken and Garlic

$16.10 per dozen

The Naked Baker

Cracker & Dip Platters (GF)

Carrot & Celery Sticks, Pickled Onions, Gherkins, Tomato, Ham, Salami & 2 types of Crackers
Includes: Cream Cheese & Chili Dip

Small $36.80
Large $48.50

The Naked Baker

Sweet Treats Platters

A selection on our famous sweet treats cut into finger / bite sizes.

Small - 22 piece $39.00
Large - 32 piece $56.00


Savoury Platters

Mixed Savouries including: Mince, Cottage, Chicken, & Dipping Sauces. (This image includes sausage rolls but platter does not)

Small - 24 piece $26.00
Large - 36 piece $36.00

Can be delivered heated or cold for you to heat).

The Naked Baker

Sausage Roll Platters

Mixed Flavours including: Chilli Cheese, Herb & Garlic, Plain & Curry.

Small - 24 piece $25.50
Large - 36 piece $35.50

Can be delivered heated or cold for you to heat).

The Naked Baker

Morning / Afternoon Tea Platters.

Assorted Muffins and Scones cut into bite sizes.
Inclues butter sachets

Small Platter - 24 piece $30.20
Large Platter - 36 piece $40.20


Chili Tenders and Chicken Chippies

Includes dipping sauces

Small $32.80
Large $44.00

The Naked Baker

French Stick Bites (Christine's)

Small - Approx 20 + pieces $31.10
Large - Approx 35+ pieces $41.40

The Naked Baker

Wraps (Healthy Choice)

Vegetarian - Lettuce, carrot, tomato, red onion, capsicum and chutney.
Smokey Ham - Lettuce, mayo, carrot, cheese, tomato, Smokey ham.
Chicken - Lettuce, mayo, carrot, cheese, tomato, baked breast chicken.

Small - 14 pieces $30.00
Large - 20 pieces $42.00


Quiche Bites

Flavours available:
Ham and Pineapple

Small Quiche Bite platter - 24 pieces $34.20
Large Quiche Bite platter - 32 pieces $46.20

The Naked Baker

Sandwiches (Healthy Choice) (GF)


Small platter - $32.00
Large platter - $42.00


Work Shout Platter (Small)

Club Sandwiches, Slices and Fresh Fruit.

For Approx 5 People - $37.40


Work Shout Platter (Large)

Club Sandwiches, Savoury and Sweet Twist Pieces, Scones and Muffins.

For Approx 8 People - $46.20

Work Shout Platter (Extra Large)

Club Sandwiches, Quiche Bites, Custard Twist Pieces, Fresh Fruit, Cracker and Dip Assortment.

For Approx 12 People - $64.80

Kids Pack

1 Medium Biscuit
1 Filled Roll
1 Flavoured Milk

$7.20 pp 1-10
$6.70 pp 11-20
$6.20 pp 21+


Average Joe Pack

1 Can of Drink
1 Sandwich Pack
1 Medium Biscuit
1 Piece of Fruit

$9.00 pp 1-10
$8.50 pp 11-20
$8.00 pp 21+

Sports Pack

1 Sports Drink
1 Filled Roll
1 Piece of Fruit
1 Sweet Treat
$11.80 pp 1-10
$11.20 pp 11-20
$10.80 pp 21+


Made to order.
Only available after 11am

Made to Order $51.75


French Breakfast / Morning Tea Platter

This spread contains regular croissants, ham & cheese croissants, custard & fruit danish and chocolate croissants. Feeds 10 people.

Supplied with: Jam, Cream, Butter & Napkins. $57.50


Frenchman's Lunch Platter

Contains a mixture of plain croissants, ham & cheese croissants, fresh salad mixture, cheeses and a selection of cold meats.
A mixture of fresh cut fillings, sauces, mayo & relish to fill the croissants with.
Note: You may need a sharp knife on hand to cut the croissants.
Feeds 10 people.

Comes with plastic cutlery & napkins. $69.00


Delivery Service Available! Mon-Fri 7am-5pm. Within 5km $7.50, 10km $15, 20km $30. Out of hours delivery add $50 (Availability tbc) .
Note: 2-3 Business day are required for most catering orders


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